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Attention all Salon, Spa and Boutique Owners and Stylists

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  1. Join LIVE180TEAM

  2. Select & purchase your products.

  3. Setup displays in your store.

    • Price your products at (or above) retail.

    • Sell products and make a profit!

  4. Share your Juvenaé website with customers.

    • Reach more customers!

    • Increase sales!

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  5. Grow your Juvenaé business everywhere you go, including online!

    • No personal sales requirements to earn commissions off of your level 1-5 customers.

    • No downline rank requirements.

    • We pay out strictly on VOLUME AND off your ENTIRE DOWNLINE. No breakaways.

    • Downline includes, retail customers, preferred customers and team members.

To learn more about the commission plan, visit Join the Team.

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Nail packages

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Supplement packages

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